Trees Available  The City of La Grande is accepting requests, for trees to be planted in City right-of-ways (near the street). The Urban Forestry Division provides guidelines for choosing a tree suitable for your planting space. Trees are high quality and a minimum of 15-gallon or 1¼” caliper. The discounted cost is $30 per tree.  You may plant the tree yourself, or sign up for volunteers to do the planting. To schedule a site evaluation email the Urban Forestry Division or call 541-663-1952. 

To pay for your tree online click here and scroll down to Tree Purchase.

Sponsor a Tree   If you'd like to sponsor a tree for someone else's benefit, please click here to donate $30 and scroll down to "Sponsor a Tree."

The City of La Grande  Street Tree Planting Guide and Recommended Street Tree List provide information on the selection, planting and care of new trees.  A Street Tree Work Permit is required before you can plant in the right of way.